English / Tongan Translator

Welcome to English/Tongan Translator Project!

This project is ongoing and will grow as more people participate. You, the users have the ability to add to this project. If you have knowledge of the english and tongan language then this is the place for you.

How it works - Click on Search to search in the current list for FREE! Just type in the full word or part of the word you are looking for and it will return all related words if found in the database. For example to find the English word 'test' you could enter 'te' and it will bring all words with the letters 'te' found in it. Remember, if you can't find a word then no one has entered it into the database.

You can all view all English Tongan terms on one page, once you register and log in.

If you know of a english/tongan translation that is not found please feel free to add it. You will need to create a FREE account. Then use your email signin as many times as you like to add and help this effort.

If you want to contribute register here.

NOTE: Registering is only if you want to add to the list. Searching is free to all.